Winning at Home & Abroad


An Encounter at Crossover 2018.
My husband and I first listened to the message preached by Bishop at the cross over service in the first weekend at the beginning of the year. We discussed so many scenarios of where the poor man’s wisdom had been despised as in Ecclesiastes 9:15. In fact a week later, I remember my husband telling me something and he jokingly said ‘hmmm, the wisdom of the poor man is been despised’.

At this point, I knew I needed a paradigm shift to possess my possessions and take my home to the next level. God started to humble me by putting me under tough mentorship like that of mum; indeed I needed this humbling as confirmed by a word by The Bishop during the crossover service (If God wants to take you far, he puts you under a tough leadership to humble you). I started to work on my foundations to so that I could have access to the wealth and wisdom prophesied by the Bishop in this year of grace and truth. I knew my LIFE and THOUGHTS had to change to be A WOMAN OF GRACE!

As a Winning Woman in the UK, I was under so much pressure with having to juggle my family, my academics, a toddler, part-time jobs etc. Then I started to struggle and it was as though the word about wealth and increase that I had aspired to wasn’t coming through. This was when Mum and I started a session on the phone here in the UK!

I would express my pressures, but Mum always encouraged me as she spoke on how she also had been humbled by the word in her marriage as she served the Bishop and God’s grace was been manifested greatly in her life daily. Then I started to explore wisdom in God’s word again. Recently, I listened to the camp meeting messages and I heard Mum say clearly; ‘If you have received the word, you must do things differently and if you believe the word, then something has to change’. Then I knew that the word I had
r e c e i v e d  h a d  p u t  m e  t o  fl i g h t unconsciously and I just needed to settle this in my spirit. Indeed, the light of my understanding is been enlightened.