Winning in University – Morin Alonge


Winners are those who know their aim and achieve it. I make my boast in
Christ to say I’m a Winning Woman in University. Jesus defined my aim, even when I was steady playing games. He is my cheat code and prize. I
consider myself successful because as I write this, my mind is flooded with the joy and peace of a flourishing relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

Yes there have been perks that sound glamorous academically, career-wise, enterprise, relationships and the likes…but beyond the activities and accomplishments, it’s Me and Him.

It’s funny because at the beginning of my University experience, I felt
that I was in such a good place with God – like I had ‘arrived’ at the level of spiritual maturity to succeed at anything and everything, but I’m so glad I was wrong, I’m so glad that we’ve treaded new paths and gone into deep waters as He reveals Himself to Me like never before. I failed yet He found me, I succeed because He made me.

Interestingly, as I was in the process of writing this, God weaved such a beautiful story of redemption together for a sister of mine…while she was making bad life choices, He came running after her and He caught her, He won her heart – and I’m so grateful to have gotten to be a part of that process. Just a few minutes ago she gave her life to Him, at a Church service she didn’t plan on attending, with an acquaintance (Me) she didn’t plan to see…but God planned it, weaving His aim in our weakness and choices…
And to Me, the best part of being a Winning Woman is getting to be part of God’s grand story of love for ‘the One’, for the World…getting to see Him manifest His Glory, His infinite kindness and mercy, getting to experience it and share it.

This has been my University experience, this is My Life Song and I’m so grateful to The Capital Assembly for being the place I first learnt to
sing it… There’s No Place like Home …
You too can be a Winning Woman; the key is to succeed at catching Jesus, and the trick is He’s the One capturing You.

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