Grace, Truth & Glory – Bishop Bob Alonge


She beheld his glory as one by one, all her accusers cast down their stones
and she who was condemned was now set free by the one who was full of grace and truth. His name was Jesus and as she beheld him, she saw her true self – clean, whole and set free, for it wasn’t his job to put her sin before her but to lead her to righteousness.

There was therefore now no condemnation; and as she heard his words ‘go and sin no more’ she was empowered to do just that, for the law never empowers a person to live above sin but grace does.

The Pharisees came with the Law- ‘you deserve to be stoned for what you have done’ they said, but Jesus came full of grace, with mercy that she didn’t deserve. ‘Where are your accusers?’ He asked her with a smile on his face, ‘does no one condemn you?’ ‘No one Lord’, she replied, for as Jesus leaned down and began to write on the ground, one by one, all her accusers were
brought to the knowledge of the truth; that all had sinned and there was none who was righteous – no not even one.

It must have been the ten commandments that Jesus had written in the sand, for it was laughable how the ones who sought to ensnare the Saviour became entrapped in their own accusations when they came face to face with their sins.

None could cast their stones, and they who had come seemingly blameless, left with their heads bowed down in shame; but she who had come in shame, left with her head held high, for this was grace in its fullness – grace that saves to the uttermost; grace that loves while we are yet in sin.

Grace in its fullness had found her and this grace has a name, his name is Jesus and through this love encounter, her life would never remain the same, for she had found his grace and experienced his glory; the glory of
the one and only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth.