Dairy Cravings

Day 27 – 30 Days Of Hope

In Genesis 8:22, we are told that as long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest will never cease. Using Israel as a backdrop, the Israelite farmer understands that the early rains usher in the planting season while the latter rains usher in the season of harvest.

Day 26 – 30 Days Of Hope

It is highly improbable that a person will succeed in an area that they know next to nothing about. One cannot make progress without knowledge nor understanding.

Day 25 – 30 Days Of Hope

Isaac was a man who understood the power of meditation. He applied this critical key to his life and it enabled him to reinvent himself and to prosper in a time of famine. He passed on this critical key to his son Jacob who in turn used it in his times of trials and he too prospered.