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Winning in University – Morin Alonge

Winners are those who know their aim and achieve it. I make my boast in Christ to say I’m a Winning Woman in University. Jesus defined my aim, even when I was steady playing games. He is my cheat code and prize. I consider myself successful because as I write this, my mind is flooded […]


Winning at Home & Abroad

An Encounter at Crossover 2018. My husband and I first listened to the message preached by Bishop at the cross over service in the first weekend at the beginning of the year. We discussed so many scenarios of where the poor man’s wisdom had been despised as in Ecclesiastes 9:15. In fact a week later, […]


Grace, Truth & Glory – Bishop Bob Alonge

She beheld his glory as one by one, all her accusers cast down their stones and she who was condemned was now set free by the one who was full of grace and truth. His name was Jesus and as she beheld him, she saw her true self – clean, whole and set free, for […]