Dairy Cravings

Day 30 – 30 Days Of Hope

Our focus scripture, Genesis 8:22, tells us that as long as the earth remains, day and night will not cease. Day time talks about a time of much light while night time talks about a time of lesser light which is given by the moon. But whatever the season we find ourselves, we are not to despair whether it is day or night, for the Lord himself is our light.

Day 29 – 30 Days Of Hope

Again, we see in Genesis 8:22 that there are seasons and one of such is summer and winter. For the Israelite farmer, winter is the time of harvest (not a time of pain) while the summer time is dry with no harvest.

Day 28 – 30 Days Of Hope

It is because the farmer understands the seasons that he patiently waits for the harvest. There is wisdom in applying this to our lives.