Praise Report


The atmosphere was spiritual, charged and fun. As I relished this gathering, the Holy Spirit laid it in my mind that every child/parent should experience the loving relationship that my daughter and I enjoyed. As I prayed for her, all I could ask of God was for her to reconcile with her father with whom she had a very bad relationship with, to the point of total breakdown of communication. It was so bad that for me to imagine reconciliation was simply an act of faith.

In July, four months later, during our Month of Explosive Favour as the month of July was so tagged, I got a mail she had written to her father, pledging her love for him, her forgiveness and a desire that they should re-establish a relationship and reach out to families that may have suffered a similar thing. She used the opportunity to minister Christ and his saving grace to her father. I thank God for this mighty breakthrough and healing in our lives.

Dr O.O

I sincerely appreciate God for ordering our steps to The Capital Assembly. It is indeed a family. Over a decade ago my hubby attended this church in Sheraton Hotel through a friend’s invitation. At the time, we were not living in Abuja. Several years down the line, when we finally moved to Abuja, we tried to find the church but to no avail. However, when we began looking for a school for our kids, we went online andĀ discovered the Covenant Academy, a school run by the church. On getting to the school, my hubby saw the pictures of the Senior Pastors at the reception and that is how we reconnected back and it has been really awesome. We have felt so much love like the church had known us forĀ a long time. Praise God!

Sis J.J