The Faith Family is the church meeting in smaller groups in various places – homes, recreation parks, coffee shops, online etc. The Faith Family is very critical to what God is doing and what He is unfolding in TCA. God is a God of strategy. There is nothing that God does without purpose, and purpose implies forethought and foreknowledge. And if there is forethought and foreknowledge, God will deliver to you the plan.

There is a method released from heaven for us. The plan and strategy for each church is what makes each church distinct and it is what makes each church relevant. There is no victory that the Lord will give you that will not have a strategy. God is also a God of unity, not uniformity. There are no two churches with the same strategy. When the children of Israel were in the wilderness, there was a strategy for the wilderness. When they got into the promise land, there was a strategy for the promise land.


There is a strategy that God has ordained for this church. That is why at the core of the existence and plan for this church is the Faith Family (Care or Cell Unit). The Faith Family is the center and the core for discipling. If you establish a factory and stock it with everything except the machinery to manufacture the products, you have not done well. It is in line with this principle that God has established The Faith Family in The Capital Assembly (TCA). It is through the machinery of The Faith Family that disciples are “spiritually manufactured” and disciples are the finished products of God’s factory. This church is a disciple-making factory.


By implication you are not really a member of TCA until you are a member of a Faith Family. The Faith Family is the most important aspect of all the programs of the church. This is Church. The Bible says “And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house…” Acts 2:46

In the Faith Family, members pray together and for one another, and support each other. They complement your gifts and talents and support you in attaining your full potential in Christ. In the Faith Family you engage in training and encouraged to grow in the Training Tree of The Capital Assembly.

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