About Us

WELCOME TO THE CAPITAL ASSEMBLY. A church on a mission. Simply put, our mission is you. God wants you to be somebody. Make the connection today.

Our Vision

In our use of the word Vision, we refer to the focus or objective that the church is a set up by God to achieve. It is important to recognise and understand where a church is heading to or what it is aiming to accomplish and how it intends to achieve it. This is in order to make a commitment to it and get involved, thereby coming into true covenant membership in that body.


  • To reconcile men to God and help them to attain their full potential in Christ.
  • To build a community of disciples that are bound together by covenant level love, who are to model to the church and to the world at large, the patterns of God for this present time.
  • To be a ministry that presents a real God, with real answers to real problems, of real people who are living in a real world.
  • To be a local assembly with a global impact, a church that is not contained within the limitations of man-made division and walls in the body of Christ.
  • To be a church that is devoid of labels e.g. Charismatic, Pentecostal, Apostolic or Evangelical etc. The Capital Assembly is a church that believes in the progressive revelation of Gods purpose and plan.

Bishop Bob and Rev. Adeteju Alonge, Senior ministers of The Capital Assembly share a passion to see everybody become somebody. Their leadership style is to keep it simple and real. They are committed to exploring new ways to convey the old and unchanging message.

Bishop Bob is an apostle with a passion for wisdom, purpose and excellence. He preaches a message of hope and reformation. He teaches the Word of God with depth, accuracy and creativity. A man with a wealth of experience, he has served the body of Christ in many different capacities over the years.

Rev. Adeteju Alonge pastors with a passion for salvation righteousness and order. She has a deep desire to see people experience healing in their bodies as well as in their homes. Her commitment to living by the Word has given many of her observers hope. Her zeal and passion is igniting lives everywhere she ministers.