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Our services are streamed live every Wednesday (6pm) and Sunday (8am & 10am). You can also follow the live feeds on facebook and twitter. On Demand videos are available. Thank you for worshipping with us.

Faith Family

There is a strategy that God has ordained for this church. That is why at the core of the existence and plan for this church is the Faith Family (Care or Cell Unit). The Faith Family is the center and core for discipling.

Praise Report

Our testimonies encourage others. We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimonies. See what God has done in our lives. Please feel free to share yours and encourage someonelse.


As you have visited our website, we hope that you will prayerfully consider becoming a member/e-member. We will be glad to have you and look forward to caring for you and leading you to your destiny.

message from the senior pastors

My wife and I are extremely delighted to introduce The Capital Assembly (TCA) to you, our online visitor. You are welcome to The Capital Assembly. We are a church on a mission. We believe that everybody is called to be somebody and nobody is called to be anybody. In the Capital Assembly, we strive to connect you with the person, the principles and the power of Jesus the Christ. At the heart of this church is the Faith Family where we meet in smaller groups during the week and we can get to know you better. We meet in various locations all around Abuja City and by Web Chat Room during the week. We sincerely hope you feel welcome and that your experience with us will inspire you into deeper sense of purpose and walk with God.

Have a great time as you check out all that we have for you on the website.

- Bishop & Rev Mrs. Bob Alonge

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